8 October 2014

The 24th | Edinburgh, Scotland

Despite being stuck in a major 'this time last year...' couple of weeks - head back to my South East Asia posts if you're not in the know - October rolled around significantly quicker than would be expected. My 24th birthday opening the month this year.

Craving a last minute trip, my boyfriend treated me to the pretty idyllic Melville Castle in Edinburgh for the night.
Kicking off with an endlessly scenic four hour drive - even in the rain it flew by with the scenery around every corner. I'm usually one for Dominos and a blanket, but if you're not going to dress up while you're in a castle, then when are you? We at dinner in hotel castle, finishing with a pretty epic white chocolate and passion fruit creme bruleé (just me that gets excited over cracking into that top layer?).
From a night out in Siem Riep last year, to a night in at a beautiful castle this, my birthday history is continuing its reign.

Saturday was there to explore Edinburgh, a typical north of the border rain started the morning while we explored the castle grounds, but come lunch time and a post-wander around the National Gallery, the sun was shining putting the city in an even more glorious light.
Autumn is without a doubt my favourite season, and Autumn sunshine is on the list for the seasonal best bits.

We spent Saturday wandering the city before another scenic drive home, this time along the coastline taking the opportunity to stop for at a cove en route.
Wondering where I'll be for my 25th...

Past birthdays here!

6 October 2014

Brit Street Food Festival | Leeds

The amount of Leeds restaurants on my 'to-try' list is getting pretty long. There's seemingly a new one popping up every week with even more tempting food on offer. The Brit Street Food Festival that popped up in Millennium Square was an ideal opportunity to sample a few of the local foodies, as well as some completely new to me.

The organisers are behind the curation of Trinity Kitchen in Leeds, so a couple have been, or will be popping up as a fleeting food van in the hipster diner. Everything from Thai, lobster, proper diner food, Indian street food and an alcoholic ice cream van lined the edges of the square, with the majority having lengthy queues and sell outs by lunchtime. It took a couple of circuits to decide on my main dish, a hearty pastrami burger with heap of coleslaw from Little Blue Smokehouse (evidently the winner of the People's Choice award from British Street Food. Melt in your mouth pastrami that was a second choice after their pulled pork, but I'm really glad of the sell out.

My compadres sampled the Hip Hop Chip Shop, Original Patty Men and I had high recommendation of Fu-Schnikens from Amy and Danielle.
Despite the small looking portions, it was all pretty fulfilling - and the Erdinger definitely helped, definitely not a place for the designated drivers.

The Brit Street Food fest tours North England and Southern Scotland (as well as curating Trinity Kitchen), so expect some mouth watering festivities in your area soon enough, if you're North of London ;)

22 September 2014

Sunday Rituals

Sundays are the absolute one. While some are relegated entirely to beneath a duvet, my typical Sunday looks exactly as what this text is sandwiched between, so I thought I'd take you along.
City centre working has taken my Starbucks habit to a daily craving rather than a sporadic treat, so if I'm getting out of bed on a Sunday, I'm getting a Starbucks (or at least a 'proper' coffee).

I've only just realised (in my 24th year) that shopping is definitely a hobby. Not necessarily purchasing - more often than not I am - but the raptures that Dreamworld of a Shopaholic goes into rings true with me. The circuit at Birstall, just outside Leeds, is a pretty easy route to hit on a Sunday, plus 25% off Gap with Glamour lured me into a restock of essential v-necks. Had to talk about the sheer volume of Percy Pig memorabilia that now exists as well. Amongst my favourite sweet treats, and now in every family and friend alternative you can dream of.

Aside from the chill out bits of a Sunday, the regular beauty chores are also present. At a very minimum I wash my daily use face  brushes, especially any foundation or concealer brushes I've used through the week. If I'm doing it thoroughly then I'll deep clean any that I've used. I've only just discovered the excellent partnership of baby shampoo &  make-up brushes *so soft*.

The pampering is left for a wind down in the evening. Delving into a growing stack of magazines that I always relish in taking an age to get through, I'll flick through with my DHC eye strips*, then lay back with my Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask - honestly not rating the latter as much as I'd hoped for. It definitely provides a lush hit of moisture and has changed me into a #1 fan of sheet masks, but no amazing benefits to report... Yet. 

And, if there are no gels on my talons, I'll rifle through my arsenal for a new colour of the week. My retro toe separators (decorated by a teenage me) at the ready, I chose OPI's Light My Sapphire for my toes, whilst my enduring gel manicure from Pastille did the work for my fingers. 

Typical Sunday, at it's best. Or at least second to getting out from behind the duvet anyway.