30 July 2014

Summer Style & the Mirror Selfie

Top | Wildfox at ASOS
Skirt | H&M
Sandals | Target

Top | Helmut Lang*
Skirt | H&M
Boots | Office (similar)
Necklace | Topshop

Top | eBay
Shorts | Levis at Ark
Belt | Primark
Necklace | H&M
Shoes | Dune at House of Fraser

The life of a blogger without an avid, easy-access photographer pal in her life. I resort to the mirror selfie more often than not, it's just about the only theme that my Instagram feed has to it. 
I usually loathe summer dressing and whine about the lack of clothes I have to wear, but this year has been more than acceptable. In fact I've actually enjoyed the 'heat wave' that the rest of the world would just title summer.

I have loved relying on plain tops this year, with pattern or styling thrown in through my skirt. The white H&M skirt is actually last summer, but I spotted it at the beginning of this season - or one very similar - so you might be able to track it down.
And I've finally got my hands on some sliders, I was in two minds about them when they first started popping up on blogs, something a little prescription shoe about them. Obviously I've caved, Dune is way more than strappy heels than I originally thought, the sliders come in grey as well.
And the last white top, was an awesome eBay find from one of Victoria's favourite sellers - ever so marginally inspired by Kristen Stewart wearing Jason Wu... my version of. And oodles cheaper.

Instagram is currently my 'style blog' until I can a) invest and get the hang of a tripod, or b) find a willing photographer where it isn't deathly awkward to prance around, fashion blogger style, in front of them. 

28 July 2014

Getting Your Starbucks Fix at Home

Since my Starbucks habit is getting more than a little out of control of recent - the idea of setting a monthly budget via their app definitely didn't work - I'm attempting to phase out the brand with an at home version. Every now and then.

Iced coffee is my ultimate weakness, and Starbucks happens to do it pretty damn well, so after endless pins to my Yummies Pinterest board, I have put some iced coffee tricks into action.
If you haven't already made my at home iced (vanilla optional) latte from this iced coffee at home post, then I'll let you slurp your way through that one first.
This year's version, taken directly from Pinterest - coffee ice cubes. It's simple.

How to make ice cube coffee
- Prepare a jug of coffee as normal, I used three spoonfuls for about a litre of coffee, just instant coffee and boiled water.
- Leave to cool
- Pour into an ice cube mould - the prettier the better if you're hoping to break Pinterest. I settled for ovals...
- Leave to freeze (I left mine over night)
- Put a custom amount into a glass (dependent on the size of your glass, I filled it around half way with the ice cubes)
- Pour over lukewarm milk (you can warm it slightly in the microwave) to help the ice cubes melt
- You can add some vanilla syrup to make it sweeter, or agave nectar if you can find it
- For the Starbucks touch, mix all this in your Starbucks tumbler. This step is optional.

If for some reason hot coffee is still your thing through summer, then transport your Starbucks habit home in a portable coffee cup. The pretty (from Urban Outfitters) or professional (from Sainsburys).

Personally, my iced coffee addiction multiplies as soon as it's hot and I'm by a coffee shop, if you weren't already sure yourself, then see the 10 Signs You're Addicted to Iced Coffee from Mashable. I resonate with every single one.
Not sure what inspires you to drink coffee, but as long as it's a morning... I'm feeling pretty inspired.

If the below seriously satisfies you... You're probably addicted.

9 July 2014

Bare Minerals Ready to Go Palette

Initiation into Bare Minerals. With dry skin. Probably not the pairing you think of but I've been assured that their formulas to suit. 
I dabbled my brush - not the ones included, instead my own kabuki which worked much better - in the Ready to Go Complexion Perfect Palette* in aim to perfect my base with no liquids necessary. 

The good? I normally skip powder, even my beloved mineralised skin finish natural has sat unloved except on the shiniest of skin days. But, the Touch Up Veil is one of the highlights for me. It sets everything amazingly well and I've been using this over my liquid products in my t zone too. 

I am a real fan of highlighters and while I normally opt for liquid or cream products (dry skin everything, see my best cream blush picks) there's something about the powder Luminizer that adds an amazing natural finish. Nothing overly glowy. The bronzer does have quite a bit of shimmer running through it but it's still ideal to contour with. 

The foundation itself, I have to admit I've skipped using it after my first few tries. It definitely isn't the perfect pairing for dry skin. If you're breakout free you may be able to make it work with a finishing spray, I did like it on my less blemish prone areas. But if you have any active breakouts, it'll grab onto any dry patches and the cover is pretty sheer if your aim was to completely mask any dark spots or redness. The concealer works beautifully under the eyes, really brightens any shadows, but on top of foundation on a breakout just adds to the dry patch.