20 August 2014

DHC Premium Lipstick

Two newest additions to my lipstick collection, and not to be overlooked. The glossier the finish, the better for me. I've tried and failed in the matte lipstick trend (bar Rimmel's 110 - only exception to the rule), I just find them way too uncomfortable and they fade in the most unnatural way.

Cased in luxe gold and silver tubes, the DHC Premium Lipsticks* are vanity desk staples for the exterior alone. I absolutely love the packaging. The product itself is seriously hydrating and has a high gloss finish without it being at all sticky. The shades Petal Pink and First Blush (above) are both slick on and go shades. Petal Pink easily blends in with the rest of my collection, a rich pastel pink, with a bit of warmth to it. Essentially, a go-with-everything colour that I'll always love.
First Blush is the more mature version of the previous, and ever so slightly 'bitten', pretty much the more autumnal, current season appropriate than Petal Pink which is definitely more suited to summer.

The colour has a really nice staying power, whilst the gloss fades a little quicker. But as a whole, I have been loving the formula and would definitely recommend.

18 August 2014

Decleor's VIP Facial

Behind the bright lights of the House of Fraser shop floor, there's an unexpected, tranquil hideaway - ideal for the VIPs (that's me by the way, just for now). Despite giving myself points for my at home facial (a mini post on the regime here), it doesn't compare to the professional version.

As one of the bloggers for Meadowhall - basically my second home, so my second blog ;) - it was my mission to discover some of the beauty treats the centre had on offer. One that was previously unknown to me was the treatments on offer from Decléor in House of Fraser. I got a taster session of the VIP facial, as well as a thorough debrief of all the products.

It goes through cleanse and tone, a mild exfoliation, a buff off mask, intense oil and a thick oily balm to serve as your PM moisturiser. The full hour long treatment has leaves you never wanting it to end, as any good treatment should, but needless to say you'll know absolutely everything about your facial once it's over. Pre facial you'll get a in depth 'interview' on your skin and lifestyle, so you know you'll be getting something completely tailored to your complaints.

If you want a review, in explicit detail, head over to my post on the Meadowhall blog for every single element of the treatment. Or go see the girls on the Decléor counter next time you're in House of Fraser for full details on all the treatments available.

15 August 2014

Essential Apps You Need

Aside from the obvious Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr - basically anywhere you can get lost in infinite scroll (particular favourable pastime of mine), there are a few apps that are an almost daily use for me. A quick round up of my top three lesser scrolled through, but definitely more necessary - basically, you need these.

So this is only for those amongst you that are already in a pretty serious Starbucks addiction moment. I'm one of those. I'm trying to keep it to two a week, max, but that's not always the case. 
Regardless - if you're going to be buying from Starbies on a relatively frequent basis, you need this app. You get a star with every drink, then a free drink (of any size, flavour, style) after 15 purchases. Seems like a lot, but if you're going to be buying them anyway, it's just an added bonus. 
There's a map part of the app to locate Starbucks stores nearest to you - in desperate times. And various 'levels' which offer different incentives. You just need to make it through green to see some results.
The only minor negative is that it keeps track of all your purchases.. so you're going to be able to see exactly how much of your money you're spending on caffeinated liquid. Try not to let that put you off. 

Quick tip, the stronger your wifi, the less your battery will get eaten up. I try to connect to wifi whenever I can, for the most part I'll do it when I'm actively using my phone, but even if not, push notifications require some of data, so the stronger yours is, the more battery you'll have.
The Cloud wifi is dotted all around the UK, probably in more locations than you'd expect. This app aims to locate those hotspots nearest to you, with full details of where, what type, and contact details if you're desperate to track it down. 
You can choose to activate a wifi profile, meaning you'll be instantly connected to The Cloud wherever it's available - a massive bonus to save on your data allowance. It's incredibly simple to use and essentially just removes the step of having to login to wifi while you're out and about. Essential for any wifi addicts out there. 

Probably no more so than now the rain has well & truly come back to England, will you be talking about the weather. A pretty common theme of conversation in the UK anyway, but add in something to complain about, and it's just increased ;)
This comes in more for planning outfits, not being surprised by an unexpected rain shower and being able to frequently make others jealous with your impending trips abroad. 
The iPhone obviously already comes with the Apple weather app (which annoyingly you can't delete), but I found that it to be pretty vague as well as consistently unreliable. Weather is a big deal to me, OK?

Not sure these are amongst the most fun recommendations to pump out to you, but they are definitely necessary, so slot them in alongside your scrolling hobbies.