21 January 2015

The Infinite Scroll

The infinite scroll of picture led social media is my rabbit hole. Yes, Twitter has its entertaining moments and Facebook is there if I'm feeling desperate, but Tumblr & Pinterest are where the hours will fly by. I've made a habit of trying to limit my time on them both as they're both so easy to get lost in. But for all intents and purposes, they're my digital happy place.

For me, Pinterest is to inspire - outfits, meals, places to visit - and Tumblr is to entertain - it's one of the few things that I will actually laugh out loud at.

My Pinterest boards
I mainly use Pinterest for inspiration on what outfits to put together, new recipes to try and an absurd amount of daydreaming about backpacking around the world to fairytale style destinations. There are the typical wedding boards, home boards that I will  never achieve and a seriously overpriced wishlist, but there's realistic inspiration in there as well.
Basically, if you have a passion for pretty much anything - girly, pretty, hipster ideals are more prominent - then you'll easily get lost in the endless boards of those you follow or the 'popular page'.

My Tumblr feed
For people that don't know what Tumblr is, I like to explain it as been a primarily image and gif based rolling feed. There's never a moment my feed won't be updated (this may be down to the 300+ blogs I follow). The mood behind it is akin to a modern MySpace... In my opinion. Which is why it's such a good place to escape.
If you're confused at the mood, click through the #FunnyTumblrPostNight mentions on Twitter. The Tumblr commentaries are the main reason for literal LOL on that site.
Yes, you can stylise your Tumblr page, just like anything else. But for me, it's more of a reflection of my current life, my mood and some things I try to share with people to laugh at... That they will never get.

I could share endless highlights from either, but one that always sticks with me. One that I actually cried at (this is where you won't get it unless you're in the fold)... 

Come join me! 


19 January 2015

How to Style Leather Trousers

Say leather trousers, instant flashbacks to Ross in leather trousers happens.

But, given that they slightly dress up any outfit or at the very least add some extra texture to break up alltheblack, they've become a staple in my wardrobe. I've just got my third pair in two months. 

Shirt, River Island (similar). Trousers, New Look*. Shoes, MissGuided. Hat, Topshop

Jumper, ASOS. Trousers, New Look. Boots, Zara. 

Jumper, ASOS (similar). Trousers, New Look.

Top, River Island. Trousers, Boohoo. Shoes, New Look

Firstly, don't avoid them because you think they make you look bigger. I did this and they're now a staple in my wardrobe. Style with boots or heels and your legs are instantly slimmed - excellent leather trouser choice.

The thicker the pair, the better quality in my experience. My New Look pleathers* have started to show signs of wear - never has 'worn out' had more meaning - around the knees because they're slightly thinner than my Boohoo pair which are slightly thicker fabric. 
Obviously if you're looking for a serious pair and you're confident in your leather-trouser-wearing attitude, then invest where you can. But for now, the high street is serving me pretty well. 
And given that we're talking in faux leather, we're yet to have any moments of panic in the bathroom for getting stuck. Although, I will keep Joey's advice in mind should it come to it. 

17 January 2015

When to Take a Break From Blogging

Sporadic breaks from the 'Create New Post' button may just be the best thing for your blog and your writing habit.
For me there's nothing worse than writing - or reading - a post that has been forced out for the sake of putting something up. Where possible, I try to keep some consistency to North of London, but if you've been around this spot a while, you'll know that I often take fairly extended breaks or miss the odd 'scheduled' day. The reason? My blog has and always will be a hobby for me. The moment that it starts feeling like a chore or for-the-sake-of posting, I step back.

I read blogs every single day, without fail. Whether a couple in between a busy day of emails or an infinite scroll of posts after dinner, I'll read. No matter how much this reading inspires me, if the words don't come out, then I'll skip posting. To some, this may seem like a lack of drive or that I don't care.
But, I absolutely love writing.
One of the main reasons I started a blog and why I'll likely continue - in some form - for years to come, is the opportunity to let my words out. If I'm forcing myself to write, especially to schedule, the passion gets removed and for me, this would mean any enjoyment from the reader is void as well.

The blog posts I love to read and the blogs that I will continue to check whether subscribed to them or not, are the ones I can tell are enjoying every single post they put out. I won't read every single one, just like I rarely read every single story in a magazine, but I know that there is rarely a discrepancy in the passion behind their words which means there's rarely a post I won't enjoy.

I think a lot of us, in blogging or just in the everyday, tend to do things because we've had the routine for so long. Even if the shine has been dulled we continue because it's what we know. I used to do it myself but realised that the more routines I follow for the sake of following, the less passion goes into each one.

So - while regular posting or scheduled days for content may be a bonus for traffic and stats to your blog, I'm going to be sticking with the passion element from here on out.
Those favourite blogs I mentioned before, I couldn't be less aware of if they have a schedule. They have great content and that's what I'm there for. And yes, I may be disappointed if there are a few weeks that go by with no post, but I'll no doubt be rewarded with something excellent to read once they've returned.

For me, it's a case of passion to post, not pushing to post, and hopefully it'll be apparent in the imminent inspiration that I discover.

Just for the record (and maybe to inspire you too) I've shared some of my regularly checked blogs below. Some are filled with articles, some are snippets of daily life. But if you're looking to be inspired, you're likely just a click away.