17 December 2014

Navy Layers & Winter Whites

Hat, Topshop//Coat, Zara//Jumper, Warehouse*//Skirt, Nordstrom//Tight, Pretty Polly//Boots, Office

Days not to wear a skirt - when there is a wind tunnel around every corner in Leeds, hence the shelter taken for the outfit snaps. I've rediscovered my knee high tights this year, I'm seriously eyeing some knee high boots but scared the trend will pass so settling for the pre-made, easier to style version.

The rest is a pretty typical me outfit and the skirt from Nordstrom is my favourite piece from this season. So simple but the flippy fit makes it seriously flattering, whether you're going for a more styled up outfit, or just the simples like I gravitate towards.

Third visit to the Leeds German Market down, and as many candyfloss sticks consumed. I haven't had candyfloss in years, so when I spotted it (and on a stick), I had to indulge. The market is there for another week in Millenium Square - along with endless others dotted around the country - and I seriously recommend, even if it's just to have a walk around to see the ornaments.

15 December 2014

L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara

One of those seemingly cult products I always spot when I'm stateside and mean to try... My never ending mascara collection always stopped me, but on my most recent trip, I committed. I've heard so many positive things about this product, but on the first unscrew of the lid, it looked pretty basic. A slim, natural bristle brush, in a frills-free tube.

That's exactly what this product is though, a no-frills classic. As far as I'm aware, it's a long standing and permanent member of the L'Oreal mascara clan, but it's a rare find in the UK.

The more I use this the more I like it, in all honesty it's like a thinner version of the Urban Decay Pervasion that I recently blogged about. So definitely the budget version with a bit less of a kick. One layer is perfect for the minimal eye make-up days, a couple of coats or more and you can build some serious volume with zero clumping (thus far - I'm yet to go more than three coats in).

And what's even better, given it's seemingly really basic formula, it's so easy to get off at night. It's lasted well through the full days I've worn it, but you would need to top it up if you're taking it through your 9-5 and into the night. Thankfully that's minimal for me, so the couple of slicks in the morning take me through to removing any trace of effort as soon as I walk through the door at night.

A 'basic' for your collection you need to try out if you ever spot it.

25 November 2014

Cabana | Trinity Leeds

Housed in a street shack setting, there's an expansion to Trinity Kitchen that you have to try. Cabana has just opened its first venue outside of London, serving up speciality Brasilian barbecue food, with complimentary appetisers, cocktails and desserts.

Adjacent to Trinity Kitchen, Cabana's denim lined seats - pocketed with additional extra surprises - look up to exposed ceiling and wooden decor perfectly setting the Brasilian scene.
It launched last week, where we got to sample their specialities, as well as the 'local' beers and a muddle of cocktails. The sampler evening was so good that we went back with guests for the full experience at the weekend.

Cabana's speciality is the Malagueta chicken, served off a skewer with roasted peppers, the chicken is a succulent meat marinated in their special sauce. Just the right kick to give it a uniquely moreish flavour, with a grilled finish.
This alongside beef, lamb and pork skewers and burgers, or the veggie options.

Favourites from the menu were the Malagueta chicken, the cheese doughballs to start and the seriously amazing Feijoada fries for a side dish. The portions are ideal for me and left me that ideal full, all for a really impressive price.

For me, this is one of the highlights of the seemingly endless Leeds menu for dining out. Let me know if you get around to ticking this one off your list.