22 September 2014

Sunday Rituals

Sundays are the absolute one. While some are relegated entirely to beneath a duvet, my typical Sunday looks exactly as what this text is sandwiched between, so I thought I'd take you along.
City centre working has taken my Starbucks habit to a daily craving rather than a sporadic treat, so if I'm getting out of bed on a Sunday, I'm getting a Starbucks (or at least a 'proper' coffee).

I've only just realised (in my 24th year) that shopping is definitely a hobby. Not necessarily purchasing - more often than not I am - but the raptures that Dreamworld of a Shopaholic goes into rings true with me. The circuit at Birstall, just outside Leeds, is a pretty easy route to hit on a Sunday, plus 25% off Gap with Glamour lured me into a restock of essential v-necks. Had to talk about the sheer volume of Percy Pig memorabilia that now exists as well. Amongst my favourite sweet treats, and now in every family and friend alternative you can dream of.

Aside from the chill out bits of a Sunday, the regular beauty chores are also present. At a very minimum I wash my daily use face  brushes, especially any foundation or concealer brushes I've used through the week. If I'm doing it thoroughly then I'll deep clean any that I've used. I've only just discovered the excellent partnership of baby shampoo &  make-up brushes *so soft*.

The pampering is left for a wind down in the evening. Delving into a growing stack of magazines that I always relish in taking an age to get through, I'll flick through with my DHC eye strips*, then lay back with my Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask - honestly not rating the latter as much as I'd hoped for. It definitely provides a lush hit of moisture and has changed me into a #1 fan of sheet masks, but no amazing benefits to report... Yet. 

And, if there are no gels on my talons, I'll rifle through my arsenal for a new colour of the week. My retro toe separators (decorated by a teenage me) at the ready, I chose OPI's Light My Sapphire for my toes, whilst my enduring gel manicure from Pastille did the work for my fingers. 

Typical Sunday, at it's best. Or at least second to getting out from behind the duvet anyway. 

17 September 2014

Benefit Gimme Brow

I'm hoping you're all on-board the brow-wagon by now? I'm not talking shape shifting, scouse brow transformations, more just a little enhancement. If you're not already into brows, you need to be, even with a subtle bit of help, it will completely change your look.

On the norm, I opt for the Benefit Brow Zings, a powder and a gel to properly shape and enhance your brows. But, for the days when I'm in a quickie routine, or when ultimate definition just isn't what I'm looking for, I have been loving the Gimme Brow.
It's pretty self explanatory by the title, if not by looking at the product. A tinted cream product to slick through your brows. The before and after pics show it in its subtlest form, it definitely makes a difference but nothing epic. So, may be a great choice if you're just making the switch from the raw eyebrow into the beautified.

The subtle tint of the product helps to fill in any sparse areas of your eyebrows, whilst the gel grooms them and holds them in place. A word of warning to keep it light, too much product and you'll begin to get product build up, you can always drag this out with the wand if the initial brush through gives you more than you expected.

£17.50 for the mini brow mascara and more than worth it. If you're on the super natural hype you can use it along your bottom lashes as well to define without going too harsh.

15 September 2014

Tortilla | Trinity Kitchen, Leeds

You will need to be dealing in Thai or Mexican to get a real rise out of me in the food steaks stakes. Which is obviously why Tortilla was my first point of call when Trinity Kitchen opened last year. Zip forward twelve months and I went back, purely for review purposes.

The concept should be familiar by now, choose from a burrito, naked burrito (i.e. replace wrap with bowl) or tacos (the Mexican way - no crunch) and have them filled to your liking. The art of Subway, but to an incomparably better taste.
I went for a Carnitas (pulled pork) burrito, filled with black beans, mild salsa and everything else but the guac. And tried a bite of the grilled chicken burrito with a pretty potent spicy salsa. Liquid breaks came in the form of a selection of Mexican beer, namely Pacifico & Modelo on this date, but I'm hoping to get on board with margaritas in the near future so I can try them out. Still struggling through 'tequila is bad'.

We went for a late dinner on a week night, so got the no-queue perk, but expect to wait if you're hitting weekday lunch rush hour, or lunching over the weekend.
Tortilla has permanent residence in Trinity Kitchen and as an export from California, is doing Mexican pretty well. Add ons like the 'premium' meats and guacamole will add to your bill, but as a minimum, prices start at £4.50. And you will almost certainly leave full. 

And for the closing hit of fashion..
Top & Skirt, H&M | Shoes, Office