17 August 2016

Peachy Keen - My t-shirt design!

There are a few things in this post which are so very me. Namely, the white v-neck, the boots and the very me phrase of peachy keen. I bring them all rolled up into one outfit post and a very exciting collaboration.

More on the t-shirt in a second... 
Choker set: New Look //Skirt: River Island oldie
 Boots: Boohoo (now on sale on ASOS, you're welcome)

The t-shirt detail is the real key to this whole outfit. Moteefe got in touch suggesting I should get on board the designing train - anyone can create their own tee with them. Completely free reign of what you create (obviously if it's not already out there), with a selection of styles to print on and your own mind as your creative limits. 

The process is really straight forward, I found a font online and created an image, uploaded both to the site and then got started into the quick process of the final design. You can then set your t-shirt for sale, you set the price and - depending on what's set - you have the chance to make some profit off it, too. It's a pretty cool idea and something I would have been even more invested in as a teen. 

So here's my final design, the peachy keen tee, do you love? I'm obsessed - primarily because I am branded with one of my most-used phrases. Plus, it conjures up images of Rizzo in Grease, so what's not to love? 

If you're in the same obsessed boat, you can grab your very own peachy keen tee from Moteefe. A limited edition print by yours truly. There are some other cool designs already on the site as well, or have a whack at creating your own dreamt up print (and definitely share it with me if you do). 

It's peachy keen, jelly bean. 

15 August 2016

An Afternoon Picnic in Leeds

Here's one for your next sunny day agenda - I'm praying that statement might encourage this week's rumoured heat wave to materialise.

Last weekend my boyfriend surprised me with a picnic hamper, stocked with all the essentials for a quick picnic getaway ready for a walk along the Leeds Liverpool canal. We set-off stocked with essential cheeses, meat, baguettes and of course, prosecco - we're doing this right.

Just off the canal is a tiny little park that always seems to be quiet if not completely empty, the perfect picnic set-up, especially with the sun out.

We set ourselves up for the afternoon, settled in to work through our sustenance. Such a simple activity for the day and one I highly recommend. Grab a book or a magazine and your faves and seek out a quiet sun-spot to set yourselves up for the afternoon.

There's this quiet spot hidden away behind the Cardigan Fields retail park on Kirkstall Road - you'd never know it was across the river. A pop-up park has arrived for the summer just by The Light, or I highly recommend Park Place with is a bubble just outside the bustling city centre.

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Seeing as I'm now stocked with my hamper, I anticipate picnic trips frequenting my routine in the future, any spots I should hunt down?

3 August 2016

Too Faced Better Than Sex Review

Honestly, if you said I was only allowed one make-up product in my life, it would hands down be mascara. Get that killer product and it's a serious face changer. I have a few on a shortlist that I need to try in the near future, one of which being the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara that I can tick off, it was a close second behind the Urban Decay Perversion - that one's a killer by the way. So, how does it measure up?

This mascara applies so smoothly, it just lacquers the lashes with an instant lift, just with one coat. I look for thickening primarily, lengthening as a secondary. Honestly, it's not the best thickening formula I've ever used, but it feels so natural on the lashes it's something I can compromise on.

The easy compromise is from the ultimate volume that coats your lashes, paired with such a light formula it means instant flutter in a tube.

With a flutter, I have noticed a print or smear onto the upper eyelid every now and then, but honestly I think this is a curse of any mascara since I'm already hashtag blessed with pretty long lashes.
It comes off just as easy as it goes on - in a good way - I am just in love with the formula. Super light, literally zero clumps and no crispiness even after hours of wear.

The brush is a bubbled shape - I can't report any amazing benefits from the shape, or any detriment, although there is zero product build up so bonus points there.

I picked it up on the back of a hype, it definitely lived up to it. Urban Decay's Perversion is still the top of the pyramid but I'm pretty impressed with the results of Better Than Sex, with such a light formula.

In the UK, try Debenhams - US, you have it a lot easier. You can see what else I picked up on my most recent Sephora trip here.

22 July 2016

Rush Hair comes to York

We understand the gospel of the blowdry - oh wow do I wish I could indulge in that service multiple times a week. It's more than just the hairdryer, it's getting that unachievable hairdresser styled look whilst you sit and sip your fresh latte. So relaxing.

Rush Hair has just launched in York, so new in fact that I was the very through customer through the door. I've heard of the brand before but never sampled their techniques, so into the slick salon I walked to get style to swish for the day.

The team were so incredibly welcoming, guiding me through a quick consultation with a board of inspiration before taking me through the back of the salon to the isolated wash bar. They positioned the sinks in the bank for you to truly indulge in the hair wash and massage - probably my highlight of any salon treatment.

Back to the blowdry, opting again for a beachy waves style - my favourite. The actual blowdry was fully considered ready for the waving afterwards. Products were laid through to help give a bit of oomph, before curls were individually put through with a straightener and lightly tousled before finishing in a coif of hairspray.

The blowdry itself didn't stand the test of time as the Yorkshire Blowdry experience did, unfortunately. Trying to keep curls or waves in my locks is no easy feat, so there's nothing held against them ;)

Rush is of course more than just a blowdry, with all the expected salon stylings. Pop in to the Market Street salon when you can!

Blowdry was complimentary.