14 November 2014

Paul Mitchell Leeds

Quebecs Leeds and a night of styling with Paul Mitchell's stylists. We were welcomed into a Quebec suite to see the New CID Cosmetics range and get a chance to be styled in true Paul Mitchell style to celebrate the launch of their Christmas gift range.

I opted for a French braided fishtail plait, just one of the very select few styles I actually wear out if I'm putting my hair up. A super tight style that led up to a messy French plait across the back of my head. I always thinks it looks a lot more intricate than what it takes to create it, if you haven't already mastered it then take the time. It's worth it.
We got chance to look through the new gifts - including a pets range, don't have the pet yet but I'm sold - as well as taking away some of the delicious smelling Tea Tree range, along with the old favourite of the Extra Boost spray.

The highlight of the New CID range is without a doubt the i-gloss, maybe a little defunct in function for the day. But, come dark nights, the build in mirror and light up wand are a brilliant little added extra.

Always great to catch up with Leeds bloggers, and always a little bit surprised at the amount of new ones I'm still discovering! Any favourites I should know about?

12 November 2014

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Mascara junkie title still firmly in place, I introduced Urban Decay's Pervasion mascara into my collection after been bombarded by adverts while in the US. I can normally tell on first use how much I'll like a mascara, first week seals the deal. The first brush stroke with this and I was obsessed.

It thickens the lashes instantly, adds serious length and doesn't clump in the slightest. The formula is light on the lashes and doesn't fade or flake in the slightest through the day. Which means you get an ideal finish on the lashes but it glides off with make-up remover just as easily.
Every mascara I've used recently has transferred onto my upper lid, this is no exception to that - but I'm going to blame the winter weather makeover. Or my naturally long lashes that are getting some serious extension with this mascara.

Mascara is one thing that the high street does really well, but I seriously want to recommend this above every other mascara I've ever tried. This is without a doubt my new favourite. I picked it up from Sephora on a whim - that definitely paid off - but UK-ers you can get it in bigger Boots or department stores for around £17.

10 November 2014



Is it me or do seasonal releases make brands so much more appealing? I could go into how much my Starbucks spending goes into free fall once the Red Cups arrive, but instead I'll show you around Lush's festive offerings.

'Tis the season for bath time, mine are few and far between through the year but definitely amped up come dark nights. Every year I look forward to the Lush Christmas collections coming out, especially to see the cute penguins or snowmen - both back this year, with a host of others. I usually try to avoid the glitter bombs, but they're formulated slightly different this year, so they might still stick to your bath but less so to your body, which is a definite bonus.

Lush Leeds toured us around the Christmas bits on offer, with demos of the festive favourites. The Luxury Lush Pud is one of my favourites, for a literal colour explosion and skin left feeling silky. We left with one of Lush's gift sets, I plan to make mine last over Christmas, but can already see my favourites being the Magic Wand for multiple sets of bubbles, and this year's cutie, The Christmas Hedgehog from the Jingle Bells* set.