26 February 2015



Top River Island//Trousers* New Look//Cloggs Shoes*//Watch Michael Kors//Necklace Dogeared

Big news in the world of me - I am in my new (and first non-student) flat. I have reached the stage of getting excited about cushions (monogrammed from Matalan. Pretty exciting) and willingly cleaning windows. It's happened.

With that in my excited mind, I figured I could take advantage of a willing photographer and an actual usable location. Done. So, with the my new balcony looking over the Leeds cityscape, I apparently matched my outfit to the tremendously grey day and began.

Pleather trousers have become my staple at the moment (if you didn't already see my post on them here), it's the mix of textures I love. Which is why the mesh sleeves on this River Island top appealed, that and I'm also attracted to all things raglan.
Tipped with my French Connection slippers from Cloggs*, the pointed toe is another frequency of my shoe collection which seems to completely change my outlook on an outfit.

24 February 2015

Where to Find Inspiration

The main hurdle with regular blogging – for me – is finding constant inspiration to put together worthwhile, quality posts. As I mentioned after I’d taken a break from blogging at the beginning of this year, pumping out posts is a serious task. Especially if you don’t have a beauty closet of products you’re passionate about to share with your readers.

My main inspiration is social media – what else – and the infinite scrolls I've previously mentioned about getting lost in are usually where a great idea for a post will come from, or at least spark a stream of inspirational thought.

So, how do you sort the endless fail gifs from the sparks of inspiration? Simple. Start looking at everything – from online to your daily life – from a post perspective. How can you make this into a blog post?

If you're scrolling through Pinterest and you see a to-die outfit then recreate it. Granted, you may not have the seemingly endless wardrobe of your favourite pinners (or at least their pin-inspo) but more times than not, you can put your own spin on it. Document it in an outfit post or an Instagram shot.
Likewise, Pinterest is a great way to discover new bloggers which is where I find a lot of the regulars on my reading lists.

Assuming you're a blogger yourself, then you're probably armed with your favourite bloggers as well. Those that you get excited to see a post from or even check back to before you get the 'new post' notification.
Look to these for inspiration. Let them inspire your next posts, don't directly copy them, obvi. Putting your own spin and perspective on things is what's going to make your blog stand out.

And of course, your own life. As long as you're not spending a day tucked up with Netflix (although I twisted that into a post with the Netflix tag. Just sharing my passion...), then take the chance to document what you're doing. Whether just a typical weekend as I did here, or if you've found a cool new coffee shop or restaurant to share, or visited a local exhibition. Share it. Chances are, it'll be a new discovery for someone else too and you may just inspire their next blog post there as well. 

Start keeping a list as soon as you get an idea, it'll mean you have a stock ready when you get chance to sit down at your keyboard. Hopefully, this list becomes never ending, making for endless post ideas from your inspiration sources. Are you feeling inspired yet?

22 February 2015

The Daily Hair

One for all of you with fine, flat, really boring hair (that’s me too by the way). Obviously having naturally poker straight & fine hair is pretty good. Minimal styling in a rush, I can leave the house straight from the shower and my hair will be pretty much dry and relatively sleek by the time I’m in work (ten minutes away). But, should I ever want volume (i.e. always), some effort is required.
This is where my products come in. I’m not calling them hero products because I’ve only found one thing that seemed to maintain volume in my hair and it was a random root lift cream from Australia that I can’t even remember the name of. Woe is me.
The products that work, with regular jzushing through the day, are to follow.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
This, I could call hero. I use it pretty much daily, whether my hair is freshly washed or in need of a two-day-old pick me up. This is the beginning product, spritzed into my top layers to refresh and prep for the volume to come.
Side note, Batiste doesn’t keep your hair from smelling like bacon should you decide to cook said bacon when fully dressed and made-up before heading to work. I learned the hard way.

Denman Back Combing Brush
Backcombing is your best friend if you have fine hair. Be gentle, don’t do it unnecessarily and make sure to keep a layer of hair to cover the mini frizzes around your head.
I do this over the top half section of my hair, all around my head. Little at a time and yes, it will need topping up through the day. Handily, the brush is teeny and doubles as a regular hair brush should you have hair as fine as mine.

L’Oreal #TXT Supersizing Spray
This I spritz on top of each backcomb I do, followed with a little jzush. It works alone, just doesn’t hold as well as when paired with a bit of backcombing which is where there’s a dynamic duo in play. It’s essentially a budget version of the Bumble & Bumble Dry Spun Finish***. And it’s great.

I head out with a head of volumised hair. It definitely needs maintaining through the day and should you fail to backcomb, you’ll fail to get that volume, but the products keep it intact just that little bit longer.
This of course paired with an upside down hairspray and plenty of mousse to wet hair. Have I missed anything?