27 November 2015

November Favourites

One of my most favourite purchases of recent. Fairly certain it's been on my wishlist for at least a year, but I finally tracked down a legit seller so the Harvard Law top was mine. If you hadn't already got it, it's a Legally Blonde reference. And it's great. It's from Look Human who seem to be having an epic sale at the moment if you want in.

The wonder balm that is Nuxe Reve de Miel is back in my life. Winter has well and truly hit which means instant dry lips. Nuxe is now in M&S beauty halls which makes it a little more accessible, so it had to be first choice for winter beauty. It's been in a few of my favourites in years gone by and after a loong hiatus from my collection, it's back and I'm in love again. If you suffer from dry lips (at any time in the year) or just want a good, matte, moisturising base - this is it.

I may be consistently whining about the cold, but winter is one of my favourite times of year, not only because Christmas is incorporated into that. This will be my first Christmas in my first proper flat, so I've begun stocking up on cute Christmas decorations. The nutcracker is actually from my trip to Budapest, adding a little sentimentality to the decor, the rest on the left are all from M&S which is a miniature haven for Christmas. I've got some more from Matalan and Wilkos and I'm sure even more will follow in the next month.

And, another shout out to Bill's which was in this Monday's post. I had an excellent breakfast there last weekend and as excited as I am for the next visit, I'm on the hunt for Leeds best breakfasts... Something that I am highly under-skilled in - so, any Leeds breakfast recommendations?

Into December! Should my Christmas decorations turn out as cute as I'm thinking they will.. I'm sure there'll be a post to share all about them soon enough.

25 November 2015

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops

Hands up if you have accidentally - but repeatedly - bought a foundation just a touch too dark for you? I envisage a plethora of English Roses raising their hands. A good bulk of my foundation is noticeably too dark for me after too much inconvenient lighting in Boots. I have one reserved for my fake tanned moments (rarer than they used to be), the rest are just waiting to be chosen like when Jessie the cowboy falls behind the bed.

I saw these drops on British Beauty Blogger a couple of months back and was pretty excited to get my hands on them. They do exactly what they say, lighten up any liquid product you need to (they have the darkening alternative as well) adding cooler tones and for me? Making half of my foundations usable again.

The amount of drops you need will obviously depend on how much lighter you're trying to get the other product, but I find three drops is enough to get my Covergirl Outlast foundation to match my skin perfectly. It's a really light consistency so shouldn't alter any coverage or textures of your other products.

These little drops have become a staple in my routine, particularly while I work through products I have brought home as too dark. But, I can see the adjusting drops opening up a whole load of different products that don't cater for my pale skin - something I'm sure will be true with others as well. My only negative is the tiny amount that the dropper picks up at one time, there's been more than a few empty spurts from mine.

Long story short? The lightening drops are the solution to "how can I lighten my foundation?" and my foundation collection is a lot happier for it.

23 November 2015

The Weekend Lumberjack


Shirt - Primark
Jeans - Zara (the ultimates)
Bag - Reiss
Boots - Office (and on sale - bonus)

Winter has 100% hit Leeds. I figured being bundled up in a massive coat and scarf covering my face wouldn't make the best shot, so here I am literally shivering in Park Square to show off my new fave. I'm a sucker for plaid/tartan and cosy looking shirt, so this Primark one has to be bought. Reminds me of what you'd wear in a ski chalet (I've never even been to one).

My little trinket box bag makes it ever so slightly less casual, then my favourite jeans that fit to a tee and one of my many pairs of trusty Office boots, another go to piece of my wardrobe. I expect this outfit - or a version of it - to be a repetition in the coming few months.

Somehow the breakfast institution that is Bill's has passed me by. It's just opened in Leeds in the past month or so and I finally had the time to try it this past weekend. Amongst the most fresh and lightest tasting pancakes I've ever had - also spotted the full English breakfast option, so looking forward to a return visit. Thinking not a lot of people are aware it's even there as it was pretty quiet for a Saturday breakfast slot, well worth a try guys, if you're in the handful of people that have yet to try it (it's on Albion Place, down from Byron & Pizza Express).