22 July 2016

Rush Hair comes to York

We understand the gospel of the blowdry - oh wow do I wish I could indulge in that service multiple times a week. It's more than just the hairdryer, it's getting that unachievable hairdresser styled look whilst you sit and sip your fresh latte. So relaxing.

Rush Hair has just launched in York, so new in fact that I was the very through customer through the door. I've heard of the brand before but never sampled their techniques, so into the slick salon I walked to get style to swish for the day.

The team were so incredibly welcoming, guiding me through a quick consultation with a board of inspiration before taking me through the back of the salon to the isolated wash bar. They positioned the sinks in the bank for you to truly indulge in the hair wash and massage - probably my highlight of any salon treatment.

Back to the blowdry, opting again for a beachy waves style - my favourite. The actual blowdry was fully considered ready for the waving afterwards. Products were laid through to help give a bit of oomph, before curls were individually put through with a straightener and lightly tousled before finishing in a coif of hairspray.

The blowdry itself didn't stand the test of time as the Yorkshire Blowdry experience did, unfortunately. Trying to keep curls or waves in my locks is no easy feat, so there's nothing held against them ;)

Rush is of course more than just a blowdry, with all the expected salon stylings. Pop in to the Market Street salon when you can!

Blowdry was complimentary.

18 July 2016

LIVIN' Italy Breakfast | Leeds

The most important meal of the day and also my favourite. I've made sure weekend breakfast outings have become tradition in my house, so we're gradually working our way around Leeds. Edging Granary Wharf you have a few options (I think I have two left to try), but this weekend's first trier was LIVIN' Italy.

Walking through the red curtains that frame the door, it was my first try as a whole, but we went in for the breakfast after a new menu launch. If you're on the lookout for a new caffeine hit then this could just be it, a partnership between La Bottega Milanese and LIVIN' Italy is all in a bit to get Leeds Livin' more Italian - with excellent coffee on hand. It's an ideal partnership and the perfect placement on the South entrance to Leeds station, grab your deliciously creamy latte on the way by.

So, on the menu today? For me, a chef recommendation, the sweet special - a few variations of fresh pastry, delicious brioche and fresh fruit, with added condiments. That brioche was seriously unreal, perfectly toasted and crispy. A warm croissant never fails, but when the pastry is that fresh and near creamy, it tops the list. Plus, a chocolate dipping pot with the fresh strawberries was an unreal way to end the sweets board - I would highly recommend this for a light breakfast.

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For him, the poached eggs benedictine, with that same dreamy brioche and a rated 'seriously good' poached egg - perfect runny yolk that drizzled over the complementing ham.

Further plus points earned for a creamy latte on Instagram goals serving board plus genuine fresh orange juice which I will never turn down. This as well as first class service from the guys at LIVIN', they couldn't have been more welcoming for us - all round, top notch experience.

I'll no doubt be sharing this hidden gem with friends when they're in Leeds and will definitely be back for dinner soon enough, watch this space!

Invited along to try out for free, all taste sensations are genuine.

15 July 2016

Trader Dan's Surf Shack | Leeds

Today is all about a familiar location, in its newest formation. The three months were up for Old Tom's, enter Hedonist Project's newest project, Trader Dan's Surf Shack - the ideal summer set-up.

In brief (for those not in the know) - Hedonist Project set up shop on Lower Briggate with their concept changing every three months. Each set around a different spirit or drinks theme, the interiors change in their entirety to suit the newest guise.

Trader Dan's is bringing Cali to Leeds, a surfer's paradise in the northern city centre all centred around some delicious shaken rum concoctions. Walking through the doors, you're now created with a beachy paradise; skateboards, focal surf board, freely decorated board walls and surfers on loop on screen to get you in the right mindset.

Through the launch night we were plied with their signature rum punch - with the abundance of fruit juice mixed with the liquor, it went down too easily. This with tasters of their menu which I took a deeper look at once I noticed breakfast was an option. I'll be back to sample the pancakes, keep an eye on Instagram for the verdict ;)

I think Old Tom's still stands as my favourite concept to date, but with the inclusion of American pancakes... this might be following very closely behind.
Plus, let's take a second to appreciate their soundtrack because holy wow does that take me back to my youth. It's pop rock on loop, with some unreal classics I'd completely forgotten about. I would genuinely return purely for a bout of very happy nostalgia.

You can catch up on The Hedonist Project's in the North of London archives; with the Rum Shack, Liquor & Whisky and Old Tom's Gin Kitchen.

Invited along to sample by the fab people at Pink Gorilla. 

13 July 2016

Urban Decay is my VICE

There is no intro needed, Urban Decay's newest launch is next level. So if you're not already aware, let me brief you in. Urban Decay have just launched a 100 strong collection of lipstick with an insanely varied colour base and six varied finishes through the collection.

(L-R) 714, Pandemonium, Big Bang, Firebird, Backtalk*

Ruby Rose has headed the launch (which makes it all the more needed, don't you think?), modelling a mega matte red in the ads.

The mirrored glossy tube is a throwback to their original packaging, just luxed up for 2016. I am obsessed with the embossing on each of the lipstick bullets, something I fell in love with in the Alice in Wonderland collection. It's that added touch of luxe that I love from Urban Decay.

(L-R) Pandemonium, 714, Firebird, Big Bang, Backtalk

I was so excited to try this range, purely because I got so excited looking at all the shades. I never even knew I could be that excited for a lipstick, but here we are. They're all really comfortable to wear, from the mega mattes to the creams, and they last insanely well. The creams I've tried have a touch of stain around them, so if the bold colours are a little too out there for you, just blot and go and you'll be getting the colour payoff without going so bold.

Urban Decay Firebird

My favourites from those I've tried are Backtalk and Firebird. Neither of which do I have anything similar of in my collection, Backtalk in particular is a shade I didn't think would work on me but I am obsessed... And kind of thinking Kylie Cosmetics dupe but I've never tried that range so don't hold me to it.

(L-R) Firebird, Backtalk, 714

Retailers should have the VICE vaults stocked in their ~ literal ~ hundreds right now, ready for your swatching in store and your obsessing at home. They each retail for £15, which ones are you on the lookout for?