9 July 2014

Bare Minerals Ready to Go Palette

Initiation into Bare Minerals. With dry skin. Probably not the pairing you think of but I've been assured that their formulas to suit. 
I dabbled my brush - not the ones included, instead my own kabuki which worked much better - in the Ready to Go Complexion Perfect Palette* in aim to perfect my base with no liquids necessary. 

The good? I normally skip powder, even my beloved mineralised skin finish natural has sat unloved except on the shiniest of skin days. But, the Touch Up Veil is one of the highlights for me. It sets everything amazingly well and I've been using this over my liquid products in my t zone too. 

I am a real fan of highlighters and while I normally opt for liquid or cream products (dry skin everything, see my best cream blush picks) there's something about the powder Luminizer that adds an amazing natural finish. Nothing overly glowy. The bronzer does have quite a bit of shimmer running through it but it's still ideal to contour with. 

The foundation itself, I have to admit I've skipped using it after my first few tries. It definitely isn't the perfect pairing for dry skin. If you're breakout free you may be able to make it work with a finishing spray, I did like it on my less blemish prone areas. But if you have any active breakouts, it'll grab onto any dry patches and the cover is pretty sheer if your aim was to completely mask any dark spots or redness. The concealer works beautifully under the eyes, really brightens any shadows, but on top of foundation on a breakout just adds to the dry patch.

7 July 2014

Must Have Cream Blushers

Despite me knowing my skin type fell into the dry category for quite some time now, I've only just clocked that dry skin plus cream products is a (pretty obvious) match made in heaven. My cream blush collection has expanded considerably over the past few months since this discovery came to light.

My most recent discoveries, in both the NYX Rouge Cream Blush (natural) and the Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Stick (Just Pinched Pink) are the highlights of my collection. Both really natural colours and they last for the whole day.
Pre US Beauty Haul, my staple was the Max Factor Miracle Touch Cream Blush (Soft Pink), it's one of the best from the high street and is amplified if you use it with the Real Techniques Stippling Brush.

The mini Benefit liquids are great to have in your daily make-up bag as a reserve, but the Cha Cha Tint is a favourite, especially for summer. Benetint is the classic obviously, the less the better with this stuff, but it can give a really nice flush.
The Bourjois Blush Exclusif* is designed to turn into a 'bespoke pink' on your cheeks. I haven't tested this on multiple skin tones, but on mine it's a pretty bright, but subtle, pink. It works really well when I've got a bit more natural colour - so darker skins will probably get a great shade from this - but the formula is pretty solid as 'cream blushers' go, so definitely best to use your fingers to build up the colour.

There's something that always looks a bit lack lustre if I skip blush, and with an added subtle 'glow' that creams give, my cheeks are flourishing in health.

4 July 2014

Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Pinterest is obviously the one when it comes to recipes, but aside from the components, I rarely get Pinterest worthy photos of my food. I'm just not about to set up the lighting for a sandwich you know?

But, Instagram gets little bouts of my minor culinary talents so i figured the blog could get some too.

The Breakfast
Absolute favourite meal. If it includes waffles or pancakes then I get hearts in my eyes.
Through the week I settle for a slightly more convenient granola or Weetabix with blueberries, raspberries and natural yoghurt.
The weekend is party time - and more so recently - currently half way through a box of limited edition red velvet Pop Tarts, US import obviously. I'll settle for plain strawberry if needs be. With a mass mug of coffee and fresh orange juice.

The Lunch
Unless it's a lady that lunches situation, it's the worst meal. But on this occasion also where Pinterest stepped in. Grilled pineapple salad with blueberries - fruit in food is a major thing for me. As in I hate it. So I skipped the pineapple on this one, but my guests still enjoyed it.
I stole the recipe from a pin - you can recreate it from here if you love juicy fruit with savoury leaves. I just don't get it.

The Dinner (read: Tea)
Well really, who doesn't love a Dominos. I really do and have had an embarrassing amount of them through June. Sometimes you stop and think, how much have I just paid for a pizza?
But, with a couple of new menu releases, I skipped my usual Texas BBQ option. Instead opted for the new Brazilian, half Fiesta, half Rio, as well as their nachos - favourite - finishing with the chocolate dough balls - think pain au chocolat. 90% of the time there's a worthwhile voucher code out there, still more than your basic pizza, but Dominos is kind of worth it.

You can keep an eye on Instagram for my further dining options. Inbetween the outfits and things I find too funny there'll be some of the prettier culinary experiences filtered away.