22 March 2015

City Centre Outings

City centre living at its best again. I now handily live around five minute's walk from my nearest (and favourite) Starbucks in Leeds. Given that I have effectively just been on four days bed rest, I already had my sights set on the doable five minute walk for my first outing. Destination, Starbucks.

The other half, not being a coffee drinker (yet somehow we're still together) had his usual of a Strawberries & Cream Frappucino. Whilst I opted for the new Peru blend as a base for my iced caramel macchiato*. I always chance the new blends, the Peruvian is significantly stronger than the original, but still really smooth, with a bit of a darker finish. It's iced season, or at least today anyway, cue my Starbucks bill doubling for the next few months should the season stay. Slash exhausting my at-home-iced-coffee recipe... in my Starbucks tumbler. 

And, aside from a film marathon, getting some serious use from my Netflix subscription and my Kindle, this has been my weekend, with the former activities being paired with being in a duvet burrito. Already planning on utilising the weekend coming up, Leeds is still my oyster.

16 March 2015

Lush Black Pots

My bathroom decor is essentially the Lush branding with the amount of little Lush pots, black labelled bottles and tray full of bath bombs I have dotted around. Sensory explosion for anyone that's a guest to my bathroom.

While I love working my way through Lush's extensive bath collection, their skincare and other luscious scented goodies are what stocks my collection for the most part. So, with a couple of new additions to my collection, let's address my the little black pots of my shower (and aftermath).

The Rub Rub Rub shower scrub is a pretty course, but quite a fine scrub. The sea salt means it's course enough to get you smooth and buffed, but light enough to use daily. Although I'd say twice or three times a week at most is enough for a good body buff.

My newest acquisition is the D'Fluff Shaving Soap. I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to shaving, although I do have incredibly sensitive skin when it comes to it. This is nothing out of the ordinary, a really creamy soap that lathers with a strawberry smoothie scent, to let your razor glide through. Rinse your razor often as the product can build up pretty easily. The scent is worth it alone to add it into your regime. And whether a shaving foam or this shaving soap, I always seem to have smoother legs when I introduce a product to the shave.

And onto the necessary black pot, the Helping Hands hand cream. Seemingly the slow and steady transition into spring has reaped havoc with my hands, my knuckles in particular. Dry and itchy hands were screaming for some regularity in their moisturisation. Enter Helping Hands, with around three applications a day. Zero itch, zero irritation and a pretty minimal scent - I think it's the almond that lingers slightly, the moisturising element seems to last a lot longer.

Lids screwed back on - such a satisfying twist - here ends my little Lush tour. Or the basics of it. What little Lush pots am I missing?

10 March 2015

Weekend Added Extras


Weekend priorities - exploring the city. Despite living half an hour away for the majority of my life, I've never seen much more than the 'essentials' of Leeds. So, since I'm now permanently city central, I feel it's time to explore the lesser known routes, cobbles and rivers that wind around the edges of the city centre.

As a follow up to an afternoon at The Tetley this past weekend, we explored down by the river. Complete with Leeds love lock bridge 'n' all.
Something about buildings from hundreds of years ago, stood right next to modern high rise buildings has me constantly intrigued. There's something new around every corner. Literally and just to me, who's still discovering Leeds.

The Outfit Extras
Letter scarf Matalan
Backpack Primark
Shoes* Office, via House of Fraser