12 May 2014

MayLash Lash Growth

Despite my natural lashes being pretty blessed, the promise of fuller, longer lashes is never going to be turned down is it? The MayLash Eyelash Serum* is a nightly treatment, applied just the same as eye liner - although so much less precision is required - over the course of the product, resulting in permanent fullness and growth.

I've been using it for just over month, I've probably racked up somewhere around ten nights where I forgot to apply it. I'm not entirely the photos do it justice, but I can see definite results in person. Without any other product  on my lashes, you can see a definite improvement in fullness, with a few new lashes coming through since I began using. And even on the pictures (I hope) you can see the difference in length, a few millimetres have been added over the month and I still have around half the tube of product left to continue on with.

I have sporadically applied the product to my lower lashes, but haven't done it consistently enough to notice results. I've concentrated the product on the upper lashes over a month period, but hoping for even bigger and better results by the end of the tube!

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